Gala Bingo

"Join today, deposit £10 and get £40 free to play with instantly!!"

Gala Bingo has always been huge in the UK and there's plenty at the Gala Bingo site to indicate that it's at the height of it's powers right now. With more players than most can dream of, huge brand name games on site and their current offer of 30 welcome bonus, they are without doubt heavyweights in the UK bingo competition.


Gala Bingo offers a great bonus, all you need to do is spend 10 and Bob's your uncle! However much you collect as your first bonus it's guaranteed to just be the start -after all Gala gives away an amazingly huge guaranteed jackpots every WEEK! Gala really does have the edge over a lot of the bingo world what with its five million members and its 175 live bingo halls too. Giving even total novices the confidence to get started, this brand has transferred all it has learnt in the many years of hosting live bingo to the net so that we can all enjoy an online game that is both tonnes of fun and is completely trustworthy.

One of the main benefits of becoming a member of Gala Bingo is that as such a big name, Gala can bring you some of the biggest pots around month on month. There are constantly huge promos held over at this top site and often they reflect the things going on in the 'real world'. For example, at the time of writing, Gala Bingo has just got Peter Andre on board and a brand new loyalty scheme called the Buzz. Just a few examples of how Gala loves to love the things that get its players going, there's always exciting and current games on site so it's always worth checking out the site even if you've not played there for a while.


There are also heaps of staples that keep the players coming back time and again as you might expect. Gala is brilliant at producing schedules that players love so whatever it is you love about bingo whether it's free games, cheap games or linked games you can be sure that Gala has it all and at times when everyone can access them. What's more you can play up to three games at the same time now and you can even build your own personalised game tab where if you favourite the sideys you love the most they'll always be right there so you get instant access to the instants you love the most! There are buy one get one free games throughout most days for as little as 10p as well as linked games for as little as 5p where the pot is a massive 500!